Whether tech-savvy or not tech-savvy, most of us own and are constantly using mobile devices – because it is convenient, easy to carry around, accessible anytime anywhere – we can always multitask on our phones and catching up with the world. Mobiles have evolved from just “calling and text messaging devices” to something we cannot live without (yes, I LITERALLY mean it, the first thing you think of before going to bed and getting up is your phone!). And while we spend a lot of time on our phones, why not “window” shopping, information searching, email checking, gaming (and many many more other activities)? With the incredible development of new technologies and consumers being attached to mobile devices, it has become essential for companies and brands to be active and creative in mobile marketing, in order to reach out to the majority of audience, promote their brand images and drive revenue.

In the tough and demanding market of mobile marketing, IKEA is one of the many companies that have really stepped up their game. The Swedish brand proved that they deserve to be the world’s largest and most popular furniture retailer, not only because of their inventive home appliance designs, but now also how user friendly they have become. Putting thought into understanding modern technologies and customer behaviors, IKEA have succeeded in introducing their mobile app which provides users virtual reality experience and also in-store shopping companion experience.

WHY ARE THEY DIFFERENT? What unique experience that the app actually brings to its customers/users?

1. Virtual reality experience

  • IKEA believes this idea will become the next big thing that actually changes customers’ lives. The app provides customers virtual room setup with the actual size in real world . With the app downloaded on their mobile devices, users can visualize what their home would actually look like – they are able to alter and change the furnitures, as well as browsing the room from many different perspectives. This virtual reality app aims at convenience and preciseness – it allows users to see what products are suitable, minimize the products return and exchange rate.  
  • By introducing the app, IKEA also wish to encourage and inspire mobile savvy and new homeowners to become their “co-creators”, by browsing IKEA’s inventory (both online and instore) while experiencing with their virtual house design.
  • This new app is a great strategy for IKEA to combine digital and physical shopping experiences. It also helps to boost sales and revenue by tailoring the app to their personal search, inserting call to action: recommending customers with new products and suggesting similar options. 

2. In-store shopping companion

  • With their mobile devices, customers are now able to create list of items and find their location in store, as well as check off items that have been collected. Customers can also view all the product information, along with their offers and availability.
  • Everything is accessible within a finger swipe, customers are able to scan items, viewing the store map and adding, checking and editing their lists. The app makes everything very convenient and also help customers to save a fair amount of time spending in store finding items (like what they used to do). 

All the apps are free to download on any mobile devices and can be in more than one language. Apart from all the benefits from the apps, IKEA also leverage their mobile marketing strategies by providing customers with free wifi in some of their stores. The company wants to create customer-centric app that support and make customers store visit experience even better.


7 thoughts on “WHY, OH WHY 300: Mobile Marketing? IKEA DOES IT LIKE NO OTHERS!

  1. Hi Linh K. Dang,

    Here is my favourite brand~ “With mobile marketing, marketers can deliver highly personalised and relevant information and calls to action to consumers” (Becker) . Mobile marketing is not a product, Do you have any idea about the type of mobile marketing for marketers?

    Many thanks

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    1. Hi Elva, the role of mobile marketing nowadays is incredible. As I have mentioned, technologies are developing day by day, and this makes it even easier for different mobile marketing strategies to be delivered. There are many type of mobile marketing strategies, and the options are always varied (apps, in-game, SMS, MMS, QR codes, location based, mobile banner advertisings, NFC, mobile search, mobile wallet, etc). However, it is important for companies to be well aware of their mobile marketing strategies, whether they are actually working, suitable and bring back benefits, or whether companies have been paying way more than they should for campaigns which only brings back little or no revenue.


    1. Hi Freaky,

      Great question! I was thinking about the same thing when I was doing my research about IKEA new apps. It is true that sometime VR does not really impact marketing result. If we do not apply it in the right way, customers might get too focus or attached to the VR functions that they totally ignore or do not pay attention to any of the other features offered in the app. Therefore it is totally up to the companies to be well aware and apply the right strategy while introducing VR. As I have mentioned in my blog, IKEA aims to encourage mobile savvy and new homeowners to be their “co-creators” by continuously using the app. And through this IKEA can promote their new products as well as generate call to action to recommend customers with similar products or offers. This is also a great strategy to increase word of mouth as people will speak about the unique app features.

      Hope my answer helps to somehow clarify your question!




  2. This is a wonderfully insightful Blog! Good job on IKEA for understanding that the need for a Mobile compatible website. Consumers on the go want to be able to immediately check out information as it they think of it, and if they waited till they get home to check it out on their website, they would most likely forget about it all together. It is also a really innovative idea to allow the customer to merge their digital and physical shopping experience to get a sense of what furniture would look good where before they make a costly decision.

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    1. Hi Evelyn,

      Thank you for your lovely comment!

      In the mobile developing word, it is very important for everything to be efficient – and this can actually be a great point to attract more customers. Sometimes customers just give up when they come into the store with too many products and they got no idea how and where to find them. Having the app with the store map really is a big step up from IKEA as it helps the shopping experience to be less time-consuming. And even when the customers have actually found the product but then consider its price and benefit, the app can also bring out its call to action function, to recommend them with similar products (also sometimes along with good offers) that are more suitable to their needs. Also, as I have mentioned about free wifi in the store, there is absolutely no excuse for customers to hesitate using the app!




  3. Hi, this is a great case study! As much as I don’t like to admit it, I am also very attached to my phone. IKEA was a great choice to showcase how successful mobile marketing can be. I didn’t know about these features myself but I will definitely use them when I next need to decorate or buy some new furniture. It’s so useful and sounds very user-friendly as the consumer can then look up the price and measurements for the item they need straight away on their phone. This was a great post to read!


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